Diocesan Professional Development Day

Friday, February 16 from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM

What a great Professional Development Day we had!

Congratulations again to all the raffle winners, recognition/appreciation awardees and all 60 award nominees! Thank you to all who attended and participated and especially to our host, Katie Collignon, and the Marquette Staff. A special shout out to our organizers, the Principal PD Committee who worked tirelessly to make it all happen. You are all winners!

There are four links to information as a follow up from the PD Day:

  • Click here to evaluate all aspects of the PD day. We always want to celebrate what went well and look for opportunities for growth. This year it looked a little different, so your feedback is appreciated.
  • Next, click here to give Big Shoulders Fund input as they plan the August back to school professional development. Your time is valuable, so we want your input to make sure we are meeting your needs.
  • Click here to sign up for a meeting with a CAPTRUST advisor and click here to receive the Holly Health Talks.
  • Finally, below are comments and links from our curriculum speaker, Dr. Michelle Grewe. Her resources she created for us are such a blessing, so take advantage of them.

Thank you again for your presence and energy throughout the day. We will be getting out information soon for PGP points. Enjoy this beautiful day.

A few words from our guest curriculum speaker, Dr. Michelle Grewe:

“Wow! That was a fast crash course in the 2023 Indiana Academic Standards that you experienced! The hope is that you all walked away with the basics of the reduced and prioritized (not new!) standards and the knowledge they have the tools to move forward. If you are wondering what the next steps should be, I would recommend the steps below. All the links (tools!) are on the slideshow.

1. Correlation Guides: Print them. Sit with the team with highlighters and pens and the documents to compare: Domain names, indicators, and verbiage. Identify deleted standards. Identify Essential standards.

2. Frameworks: Find them on www.INLearningLab.com to dig into each standard. This is where you can really get to know each standard. These are live documents that will continually be updated.

3. Grades 3 - 8: ILEARN Blueprints: Use the checkpoints to organize the order standards will need to be taught so they are covered prior to checkpoints. This will need to be done before the 2025-2026 school year when the new test begins.

4. Vertical Alignment: Use the Vertical Articulation guides OR use the Looking Back and Looking Forward information found on the Frameworks to identify the details of the standard as each aligns with what comes before and after their standard.”

As a diocese, we will continue to dig into these standards and assessments throughout next school year. These are great tools and tips to get you started.

Presentations from Ted Neitzke:

Cornerstone Keynote

Buffalo Style Parenting


Financial Wellness Handout from CAPTRUST

CAPTRUST Benefit Summary