The Diocesan Lay Ecclesial Ministry program is a four-year program that prepares lay men and women for specific roles of service and leadership in and for the Church.  This program reflects the standards developed in the document Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord:  A Resource for Guiding the Development of Lay Ecclesial Ministrywhich was approved by the U.S. Bishop’s Conference in November of 2005.

The Lay Ecclesial Minster is a generic term.  It is not itself a specific position title for serving in the Church.  It does, however, describe several possible roles lay men and women who feel called to serve in the ministry of the Church.  These ministries include, but are not limited to: Pastoral Associate, Liturgy Coordinator, Director of Religious Education, Youth Minister, R.C.I.A Director, Director of Adult Formation and Parish Business Manager.

The Lay Ecclesial Ministry program is a prerequisite for the Diaconate Program.