The Office of Worship's primary purpose is to serve the Bishop of the Diocese, "the priestly leader of the diocese, ...he serves as presider at worship, as the moderator-promoter-custodian of the liturgical life of the diocese, and as a colleague with his fellow bishops".1

In serving the Bishop, the Office's functions are basically two-fold:

  1. Preparing and implementing all Diocesan liturgies; responsibly modeling liturgical practices called for in Vatican II's renewal of the liturgy; and,
  2. Serving as a resource to all parishes, schools, and religious communities on matters of liturgy, prayer, sacraments and the RCIA, providing ongoing, comprehensive educational and spiritual formation programs in these areas.

Sacraments, Prayer & Worship 

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Rev. Martin J. Dobrzynski

Mr. David Herr
Assistant to the Director of Worship