Empowering God's Children Program

In 2017 our Diocese began teaching the Safe Environment curriculum entitled Empowering God’s Children to children and youth in Religious Education Classes and our Catholic Schools.

The Empowering God’s Children Program is an age-appropriate program through which educators and parents can give children and youth the tools they need to protect themselves and what to do if someone tries to violate their boundaries. All materials are available in English and Spanish through the Virtus website.

Lesson Training for 2023-2024 is Lesson 6 for K-12.
Lesson Training for 2023-2024 for Pre-K is Lesson 1. 


Program Overview

Teaching Boundaries and Safety Guide

Information Sheet and Opt-out Form

Supplemental Safe Environment Information


Generalidades del Programa

Guía para la enseñanza de los límites y la seguridad

Información y fomulario de exclusión opcional