Office of the Bishop

Most Reverend Robert J. McClory, was ordained a bishop and installed as the fifth Bishop of Gary during a special Mass held at Holy Angels Cathedral on Feb.11, 2020.

Office of Catholic Schools

The Catholic Schools of the Diocese are an essential part of the total educational mission of the Church; serving all levels of schools. All the schools are accredited by the state of Ind

Office of Communications

The Office of Communications is the Diocese of Gary’s liaison with the media. The Office also serves as a resource for the public and answers questions about the Catholic Church.

Office of Diaconate Formation

The diaconate is an ordained ministry of the Church and the deacon is ordained to serve the bishop in ministries of liturgy, Word and charity. 

Office of Finance

The Finance Office provides a wide range of accounting and records keeping functions to support diocesan business operations.

Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources provides quality services, promotes an environment characterized by fair and just treatment of staff, open communication, personal accountability, trust and 

Office of Marriage Tribunal

A Tribunal exists for the protection and the vindication of the rights of Christ’s faithful. 

Office of Missionary Discipleship and Evangelization

Supporting, through consulting and training, the parishes of the Diocese of Gary and all the faithful in the task of making disciples of Jesus, with a special focus on the New Evangelization and th

Office of Pro Life Activities

The Office of Pro-Life Activities supports initiatives aligned with Catholic teaching, respecting life from conception until natural death.

Office of Stewardship and Development

Stewardship is the lifestyle by which we live out our baptismal promise of discipleship. We acknowledge that God has given each of us unique gifts and talents, and that we show our gratitude t

Office of Vocations

Because a vocation is a serious commitment of one’s life to follow God’s call, proper effort and care are required to determine what God’s call is.

Office of Worship

The Office of Worship's primary purpose is to serve the Bishop of the Diocese, "the priestly leader of the diocese". 


The ordained priests and deacons within the Diocese of Gary, as well as the religious Priests, Brothers and Sisters

Diocesan Pastoral Council

As baptized Christians, we are obliged to be stewards of the Church which is the Church’s essential mission.

Affiliated Ministries

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Gary, was established in 1937 as an organized response by the Church to meet human needs in Northwest Indiana. 


People have a right and a duty to participate in society, seeking together the common good and well-being of all, especially the poor and the vulnerable.

Lay Ecclesial Ministry

The Diocesan Lay Ecclesial Ministry program is a four-year program that prepares lay men and women for specific roles of service and leadership in and for the Church.