Mission Statement

Our Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Gary form our children to be fully alive as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ in their intellects, hearts and souls. The clarity of this purpose finds full expression in a robust Catholic identity, a stimulating academic excellence, committed operational vitality and effective governance and leadership.

Vision Statement

We teach and learn, pray and serve, love and give as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The primary reasons that parents give for sending their child to a Catholic school include:

  • Academic excellence – in and out of the classroom
  • Faith in action
  • Strong social relationships
  • Supportive environment – peers and teachers

A strong Catholic education means:

  • Collegiate preparation – 94 percent of Catholic school graduates attend a college or university
  • Faith-based – The goal of Catholic education is to help children understand and explore their faith. Religious formation begins at home and carries on to the classroom.
  • A strong community – students and families dedicate hundreds of millions of volunteer service time to their schools. This is vital and critical to the continued growth of Catholic education.
  • Student-focused faculty and staff – Catholic schools teachers provide a rigorous curriculum that challenges students to achieve academic excellence in and out of the classroom.

Facts about Catholic Schools

  • Ninety nine percent of Catholic students graduate high school. Of those graduates, 86 percent will attend a four-year college or university.
  • Forty five percent of the Catholic schools in the U.S. participate in federal nutrition programs, which provide over 270,000 free meals to children daily.
  • Catholic school graduates have higher earning potential compared to public school graduates.
  • Academic achievement is higher in Catholic schools.