Bishop McClory's 2023 Easter Message

Brothers and sisters, Happy Easter! Jesus is alive! He is risen. He is risen indeed.

In our Gospel passage today, we hear about this beautiful experience that Mary Magdalene has. She goes in and realizes that the tomb is empty, and so she summons Peter and the Beloved John. And they can't contain themselves, they rush to confirm the good news.

Having come to a deeper understanding now that Jesus is risen, they saw, and they believed. Today is a day for us to both acknowledge the resurrection of Christ, to see that two thousand years ago, he rose again from the dead for us. And in this very day and age, he is alive in our hearts and alive in his people present in our sacraments, truly among us.

So, it's a good time to do two things to reflect on how it is that the Risen Jesus has revealed himself to you. What signs have you seen in your life that Jesus is truly risen and alive? And finally, if you haven't done it already, and if you've done it many times before, to surrender to the love of Jesus — to say, “Jesus, come into my heart, show me your risen life and love, and let me surrender to that, so that I can be your disciple, sharing your love in the world.”

Easter Sunday is a beautiful time to celebrate the Risen Lord, that he is truly risen. Indeed, may the Lord bless you with a fantastic Easter, a beautiful Easter season of reflecting on his presence, being renewed in your acceptance of Jesus and sharing his love with others.