Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebrations

Tuesday, December 12 from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM

Celebrations around the diocese


Our Lady of Guadalupe: East Chicago

            December 12 – 5:00am Mañanitas (Serenade) with Mariachi

                                    6:00am Mass with Mariachi

                                    7:30am – 6:00pm Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

6:30pm Rosary

7:00pm Mass of the Roses / Fellowship to Follow

St. Patrick: East Chicago

            December 11 – 5:30pm Rosary / Followed by Mañanitas (Serenade)

6:15pm Apparitions / Followed by Mañanitas (Serenade) with Mariachi

7:00pm Mass

St. Mary: East Chicago

            December 12 – 6:00am Mañanitas (Serenade) with Mariachi

                                    7:00am Mass

                                    6:00pm Mass of the Roses

                                    7:00pm Mañanitas (Serenade) with Musical Group / Fellowship to Follow

St. Casimir: Hammond

               December 12 – 5:00am Mañanitas (Serenade)

                                            8:15am Mass

                                            7:00pm Mass

St. John Bosco: Hammond

               December 7 – 6:00pm Novena

December 8 – 6:00 pm Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Mass will include the procession of roses for Our Lady of Guadalupe with celebration to follow in School Cafeteria including tacos, pan dulces, hot chocolate, and folkloric dancers

St. Margaret Mary: Hammond

            December 10 – 10:00am Mass with Bishop McClory

                                    12:00pm Aztec Dance Representation / Lunch to Follow   

December 12 – 5:00am Mañanitas (Serenade)

                                    6:00am Mass

                                    7:00pm Mass of the Roses / Aztec Dance Representation

Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Hammond

            December 10 – 12:00pm Mass

                                    2:00pm Fellowship / Ballet Folklorico Dancers

St. Francis Xavier: Lake Station

            December 11 – 11:00pm Mañanitas (Serenade)

            December 12 – 6:00pm Mass

St. Joseph the Worker: Gary

December 3 – Procession of Our Lady of Guadalupe SS. Monica & Luke to St. Joseph the Worker

                        11:30am Mass at SS. Monica & Luke / Procession to Follow

                        2:00pm Arrival - Mass at St. Joseph

            December 12 – 6:00pm Mañanitas (Serenade)

                                    6:00pm Rosary / Telling of the Apparitions

                                    6:30pm Mass / Fellowship to Follow

St. Edward: Lowell

            December 11 – 6:00pm Novena / Mañanitas (Serenade)           

December 12 – 5:00pm Rosary / Aztec Dance Representation

             7:00pm Mass with Mariachi      

Queen of All Saints: Michigan City

            December 11 – 11:00pm Mañanitas (Serenade)

            December 12 – 6:00pm Mass / Dinner to Follow

St. Michael the Archangel: Schererville

               December 12 – 6:00pm Aztec Dance Representation

                                            7:00pm Mass / Fellowship to Follow with Mariachi

St. John the Evangelist: St. John

               December 9 – 8:15am Rosary / Aztec Dance Representation

                                         9:00am Mass / Fellowship to Follow

Sacred Heart: Whiting

            December 12 – 5:00am Mañanitas (Serenade)

                                    6:00pm Mass with Mariachi / Dinner to Follow

St. John the Baptist: Whiting

            December 12 – 5:30pm Mass / Aztec Dance Representation / Dinner to Follow

St. Paul: Valparaiso

            December 11 - 10:30pm Mañanitas (Serenade)

                                    12:00am midnight Mañanitas (Serenade) with Mariachi / Snacks to Follow           

December 12 – 6:00pm Mass of the Roses / Dinner to Follow