Elementary School Principal

Diocese of Gary, St. Patrick Catholic School
Employment Type
Full Time
Chesterton, IN
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The elementary school principal is the administrator, faith and instructional leader of the local school, and serves as the executive officer of the local governance council of the Catholic school.  In addition, the principal oversees the successful overall operation of the school.


The elementary school principal is hired by and is accountable to the pastor for the operation of the school.  The principal is expected to abide by the established policies and procedures of the Diocese of Gary, the Office of Catholic Schools, and the directives of the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.  The principal participates in the annual performance review as outlined by the Office of Catholic Schools.

General Responsibilities

The principal serves the school in a professional manner and acts in accordance with Catholic doctrine and moral teachings.  The principal ensures that the school is integral to the mission of evangelization of the parish/diocese by giving witness to Gospel living, promoting spiritual and educational development, and managing the organization and fiscal vitality of the school.


Catholic Identity

  • In collaboration with the pastor, promotes and facilitates an environment that ensures the Catholic identity of the school.
  • Promulgates and periodically revises the school's mission statement and philosophy in collaboration with the school community.
  • Coordinates the faith community affairs, the religious instruction program, and the integration of faith within the learning process in cooperation with the pastor, the Director of Religious Education, and the professional staff.
  • Provides opportunities for the students, school families, and staff to celebrate liturgies, prayer services, retreats and days of recollection, the seasons/feasts of the liturgical year, and participate in service programs.
  • Ensures that the faculty is current in the areas of theology, religious education and catechesis.
  • Cultivates parent/guardian partnerships to advance the mission of the school and the ministry of Catholic education.
  • Implements conflict management procedures as necessary.
  • Promotes a culture of dignity and respect for each member of the school community.

Academic Excellence

  • Identifies, implements, and monitors annual goals and strategies to ensure the overall quality of the academic program.
  • Implements the State of Indiana academic standards and the Diocese of Gary benchmarks for the teaching of religion.
  • Remains current in educational research and best practices.
  • Recruits, screens, hires, and assigns certified teachers and other qualified personnel.
  • Supervises and evaluates faculty and staff on a regular basis.
  • Develops and implements quality professional staff development programs.
  • Assists faculty in researching, designing and implementing principles of effective instruction and assessment.
  • Maintains a continuous plan of assessment/evaluation of the instructional program and the religious, academic, social, physical, and emotional growth of the students.
  • Designs and implements communication strategies to ensure that the pastor, staff, parish and school families are informed about the school.
  • Develops appropriate handbooks for school families, school staff.
  • Maintains accurate local files and records for each student and employee.
  • Oversees co-curricular activities (extended day, athletics, activity clubs) ensuring that the programs are in compliance with local and diocesan policies.
  • Attends required diocesan, Office of Catholic School, and local meetings.

School Viability

  • Reviews and assures compliance of the total school program with state accrediting requirements.
  • Communicates effectively and in a timely manner with internal and external constituencies.
  • Serves as executive officer to the school advisory council.
  • Prepares the advisory council agenda with the chair/members of the executive committee.
  • Prepares the annual school budget.
  • Seeks review and advice from the advisory council regarding the annual budget.
  • Implements diocesan and local financial policies and procedures for the collection and disbursement of school funds.
  • Ensures the maintenance and safety of the school plant according to local, state, diocesan and Office of Catholic Schools policies, procedures and directives.
  • Develops plans for the safety and well-being of the students and staff including response to emergencies and unforeseen events.
  • Creates and maintains an aesthetically pleasing school environment.
  • Informs appropriate constituencies of changes in diocesan and Office of Catholic Schools policies and procedures.
  • Protects the rights of and maintains confidentiality and discretion regarding school personnel, students, and general school matters.

Environmental and Physical Demands

The principal is expected to supervise and evaluate staff and student progress and school safety through regular visits to classrooms and all other areas of the school plant.


  • Practicing Catholic
  • Master's Degree
  • State certification/license in administration
  • Compliant with Safe Environment Requirements
  • Minimum 3 years of professional experience in a Catholic School