Head Boys Track Coach & Head Girls Track Coach (2 Positions)

Bishop Noll Institute
Hammond, IN
Posted Date

JOB SUMMARY: The head coach is responsible for planning, directing, and leading an education-based athletic program that seeks to develop athletes of empathy and integrity.


 1.High School coaching required.

2. Must obtain Virtus Training, background check, and coach accreditation.

3. Experience with an education-based athletic program.

 REPORTS TO: High School Athletic Director

JOB GOALS: To accept responsibility of the program and work with the students/athletes in the sport assigned and to provide life lessons that will positively impact the physical, social, and emotional well-being of all who are involved.

TRAITS OF AN EFFECTIVE COACH: Demonstrates a high degree of empathy, positivity, trust, responsibility, discipline, and flexibility. Is a developer, teacher, achiever, and problem solver.


  1. Accept and follow the co-curricular philosophy of the school.
  2. Follows the rules and regulations of the school, the conference, and the IHSAA.
  3. Attend the rules interpretation meeting held by the IHSAA.
  4. Maintain a membership in the appropriate coaches association and participate so that our school has representation.
  5. Attend clinics, seminars, and in-service programs in order to improve coaching skills and to stay current with new trends in coaching, training, conditioning, and safety procedures.
  6. Attend school, conference and section meetings.
  7. Give input about and then carry out the interscholastic schedule as drawn up by the Athletic Director.
  8. Organize, schedule, and supervise practice sessions.
  9. Submit and verify transportation requests for events.
  10. Supervise the use of equipment and inventory uniforms.
  11. Assist in the development of a written annual inventory and make recommendations for purchases to the Athletic Director.
  12. Regularly inspect equipment and facilities to insure the safety of each student-athlete.
  13. Report scores and disseminate team information for publicity including the website.
  14. Participate in pre and post season meeting with the Athletic Director. Post season meeting will serve as an evaluation conference.
  15. Delegate responsibilities to the assistant coaches as appropriate.
  16. Organize and participate in an end of the season information and evaluation session with assistant coaches.
  17. Work to develop continuity between the community and feeder school programs.
  18. Provide leadership in program for all levels of the sport.
  19. Only allow student-athletes that are certified with the Athletic Department to participate.
  20. Maintains appropriate supervision of program at all times (locker rooms, practices, events, bus rides, etc.). Supervises any and all space used by athletes while they are present.
  21. Assures that the squad at all times will reflect proper attitude and conduct at home or away.
  22. Encourage athlete to participate in other sports and co-curricular activities other than his/her own but not attempt to influence the specific sport or activity.
  23. Establish and use a system of communication to athletes and parents that will include explanation of program policies, awards, procedures, goals, and schedules.
  24. Has responsibilities for the end of season awards programs.
  25. Represent the school in a professional manner in demeanor, language, and conduct.
  26. Develop and maintain current knowledge of the activity.
  27. All other duties as assigned by the Athletic Director.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Compensation and duration of the assignments as negotiated.

EVALUATION: Performance of the job will be evaluated annually by the Athletic Director and/or Principal.